Make a bird model like Gordon the seagull


grandpa flying Gordon the Seagull

Our Gordon model

Here is the one I made with Grandpa! We painted ours yellow and orange.

The great thing about this is that you can make up your very own design.

Here are some of the things that can be useful.
* thick A4 paper or card that will go in your printer
* scissors
* Coloured pens
* sticky tape or craft glue
* some cotton to hang your model
* a hole-punch or cocktail stick

And here’s what you do. Most of it you can do all by yourself. You just need to get a grown up to help with the printing and cutting out.
Click the link above or here to print out the bird design on thick A4 paper or onto normal paper that you can stick onto thick card.
Create your own design using coloured pencils and pens. You coud make a parrot, or an eagle, or a seagull just like Gordon.
Once you have made your design carefully cut out the wings and body.

Don't forget to colour both sides of the wings and body!

Bend over each of the wing tabs and use your glue to stick the wings onto the body. There is a line to show you where to do this.
If you want you can hang your model by attaching a length of cotton to the top of the model. There is a little dot to show you where you can punch a hole. Thread the cotton through the hole, tie it into a knot and attach the other end to a shelf or a hook or a lamp shade so that your model hangs down and looks like it is flying.